About Rituals


Annette E. Millbrae, Ca 12/11/2010
My mom and I have been going to Gina for years and she is the absolute best!  She is very friendly, great customer service, and she’s the best person to talk to if you want tips on how to take better care of your skin!  I recently bought a face moisturizer she recommended to me by Le Mieux and I love it. Definitely recommend seeing Gina; I even drive an hour to come home some weekends from college just so I could get my eyebrows waxed there!

Megan W. Burlingame, Ca 9/6/2010
I looooove Gina! I found her on yelp when I was looking to get a few facials before my wedding. On my first visit she gave me her "Four Layer Facial" to hydrate my skin and get it ready for my big day. It was amazing and so was Gina! She got my vibe that I just wanted to relax so she wasn't overly chatty which I appreciated. I loved her so much that I sent my mom, sister and family friend to her as well. They loved her too!  I went to her a few weeks later for waxing and another facial. Another perfect experience! On this visit she listened to me vent about wedding planning and all the stress that goes with it.  I left totally relaxed and glowing for my wedding! Gina is an amazing aesthetician and human being. She is so sweet and caring, and really wants to make people feel good about themselves. I can't wait to go back!

Arantxa A. Daly City, Ca 7/1/2010
What can I say that hasn't already been said about Gina? I started seeing Gina a few months ago to get my skin in tip-top shape for my upcoming wedding. Whenever I leave her place my skin is glowing and I've noticed a real improvement in the overall look and feel of my skin.

She will also be doing the makeup for me and my wedding party.  She is amazing at it and knows which colors will best compliment your skin tone/eye color.  Gina is the best!

Johnny A. Burlingame, Ca 2/25/2010
Looking to get pampered or your skin is a little dry? Gina at Rituals Aesthetic is the best, she is the only one who touches my skin and I am a man, make your appt soon and you will know what I am talking about.

Michelle D. Woodland Hills, Ca 9/25/2008
I was 19 when I first started seeing Gina. She has seen me through the weirdest changes in my skin. I started seeing her for waxing and, with her, realized that soft wax and strips are too hard on my skin. Gina introduced me to the hard green wax, which works wonderfully! She made me grow out my eyebrows when I started seeing her so she could reshape them...who knew I had the wrong shape going! She's meticulous (almost anal) when it comes to the face...she could/should be the next Anastasia.

I also get the occasional facial and peel from Gina, which are fabulous. I leave there completely relaxed and with my skin glowing!

Gina rarely raises her prices and they are very competitive throughout the bay area.

Angela B. Burlingame, Ca 8/30/2008
When I first met Gina I had pretty sever adult acne. I suffered for five years or so. I used ProActive, Murad, Laser and every other tip I could read about or hear about. I changed my pillowcase nightly, washed with fresh washcloths daily and changed my diet and drank plenty of water. Nothing worked until I met Gina and she miraculously changed my complexion forever. I get compliments daily on my clear skin and I feel like my face better represents who I am. Thank you, Gina for changing my life!

Shadia H. San Francisco, Ca 10/28/2008
Gina is by far the absolute best in skin care and waxing! I have been going to Gina for waxing for at least two years now and will NEVER go elsewhere! I have tried many other places for waxing including high-end spas and nothing compares to Gina!  Not only is Gina sanitary and clean, but she is also the most knowledgeable about the best waxing techniques. And she is very reasonably priced too!  It can't get any better!